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Family Office

We work with a selected number of sophisticated International Families and Entrepreneurs who require the assistance of an experienced, trusted and dedicated team for the Global Supervision of their Wealth.
We act as their single Private Office to select the best Private Investments opportunities, to secure strategic Financings, to organise daily Administration tasks, to coordinate the multiple layers of external counsels, banks and legal structures, to implement their Key Family Projects, and to help defining a meaningful and long term driven Wealth Strategy & Planning.

Our Family Office service level is uniquely designed with each Entrepreneur's and Family's so as to address its priorities and to deliver immediate and lasting time-savings, optimized control and decisions, higher returns on investments, reduced costs, efficient project management, and clarity in the global strategy deployed over time.

Private investments

Through our broad international network, we regularly source for you the best investment opportunities in Private Equity Funds, Start-Ups, Club deals / Co-Investments, Real Estate, Real Assets, and Alternative Funds.
Our experienced team gets closely involved for you in the assessment, due diligence and M&A process of each opportunity, and, once completed, each investment is operationally monitored in terms of valuations, cash calls / exits, legal/corporate follow-up and risk control over its lifetime.

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We manage for you the lengthy and sometimes complex negotiations and legal process for strategic financings with top-tier financial institutions, ensuring you get the best possible terms. You benefit from our deep expertise developed over the years on complex financing structuring in multiple jurisdictions, for a broad range of assets like Real Estate, Private Equity, Unlisted shares, Aircrafts or Yachts.


All Entrepreneurs and International Families face the same challenge of the increasing amount of administrative paperwork, KYC requirements, operational tasks to fulfill for their multiple investments, legal structures, banks & asset managers, financing facilites, taxes and general administration.
All this with a limited time available to cover all these necessary but non strategic tasks.
Our private office administration team manages, prepares, follows, controls all this for you, so you can focus your energy on more strategic decisions.


Getting a clear view of all your assets and liabilities, their performance, costs, cash situation, main risks, progress on key projects, priorities of the moment is paramount to take the right decisions in a timely manner.
We design for you tailored Reporting & Decision Dashboards that reinforce your vision, your control, and your capacity to manage your key projects and investments.

Strategic Planning & Projects

We help each Entrepreneur and Family to design their strategic vision, based on their unique circumstances : Long and short terms investment goals, new Entrepreneurial projects, Changing Tax and Legal Environments, specific Financing and Liquidity requirements, Multi-generation Wealth Planning to organise, …

By leveraging our team’s experience as well as our network of external specialty advisors in different jurisdictions, we assist you in managing a clear view of these evolutions and in implementing the most appropriate solutions.