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Investment management


We help you stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced changing world, capturing the best public and private investment opportunities in new medical technologies, industrial automation, food chain sustainability, cybersecurity, fintech, blockchain and energy efficiency to mention a few.


We make sure that before any new investment is effected we consider its social, environmental and sustainability impact, working closely with specialist firms like Sustainanalytics and Robeco to help us differentiating the true positively impacting companies from firms more concerned about their ESG ratings than their actual impact on our world.


Our investment professionals have acquired their expertise at prime global financial institutions (JPMorgan, Citigroup, Indosuez, Credit Suisse, UBS, Coutts), with an average 20 years of experience.
Our proprietary methodologies and cutting edge investment models combine traditional Swiss values of precision and timing with the most innovative investment strategies, in order to deliver market beating performance to our investors.
We manage our clients’ wealth as we run ours, seeing each new investment as taking a stake in a business rather than investing in a financial instrument. We believe that the longevity and success of a great business is driven by the quality and integrity of its people, its products desirability and pricing power.


We offer our clients a dedicated Active Advisory service, which includes advice on strategic asset allocation, supervision of investment managers and direct public and private investment recommendations.
Our Tailored Discretionary portfolios are unique to each one of our clients and constructed via a selection of high conviction direct equity and fixed income investments, combined with best of breed uncorrelated investment strategies. We manage portfolios that span from conservative investment objectives (where we include a truly protective pocket), to 100% growth objectives, where we occasionally use options to hedge against downside risks. Our low fee structure and pro-active investment style enable our client to experience superior risk-adjusted performance over a full economic cycle.


1788 Capital manages investment portfolios independently from any conflict of interest, selecting the most appropriate investment opportunities at all times. Our independent and flexible investment strategy enables us to tactically and cyclically adjust the asset allocation according to the different phases of the economic cycle, differentiating us from more traditional investment managers and private banks’ more rigid asset allocation guidelines.