Clients Investment Profile


An investment process always starts with identifying our client’s objectives, time horizons, risk acceptance, investment culture and preferences.

This process leads to define an investment profile, which is reviewed and discussed with the client on a regular basis.

We select with our clients, based on their own financial culture, personal preferences, and the level of involvement they wish to have in investment decisions, the more adapted approach, ranging from Discretionary Portfolio Management, Advisory Services or even more specific or highly sophisticated Tailor-Made Portfolios.


Global Investment Strategy


The cornerstone of any investment strategy at 1788 Capital is a fundamental top-down approach, based on a clear understanding of the economic and financial environment.

We also firmly believe that a well-diversified allocation between geographical areas, asset classes, sectors and currencies is a key to capital preservation and wealth enhancement over the long term.

This is the role of our dedicated high-level Advisory Board, composed of accomplished independent and renowned economists, investment professionals, and industry insiders spanning the globe, to define the best strategic allocation and diversification, on the basis of its deep understanding of market environment, economic trends, current cycle and possible global challenges.

Our clients particularly value this in-depth independent global macroeconomics and investment analysis, which is made available to them on a quarterly basis, and that brings unconventional and yet very relevant guidelines, sometimes very different from the more formal “consensus” of other large financial institutions.


Portfolios Dynamics and Monitoring


1788 Capital provides its clients extensive competencies on traditional asset classes as Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities, as well as on more specific strategies such as Forex or Options, and also Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate, Private Loans or Uncorrelated “Niche” fund strategies.

Our in-house Research team conducts rigorous analyses and due diligences to identify and select the best products and managers available for each strategy, in total independence, and in the only interest of the Client.

For each portfolio proposal built for a client, a stress testing analysis is undertaken to identify the behaviour of the portfolio in several market conditions, including extreme scenarii. This approach gives our team the possibility to develop adequate hedging strategies to minimize drawdowns.

For their portfolio allocation and tactical investment decisions, our clients benefit from the experience, the discipline and the sophistication of our Asset Management Professionals, who implement on a day to day basis the investment strategy, exploit market opportunities, and make sure exposure to asset classes, geographies, product selection and level of risk match client’s profile.