1788 Capital is a privately owned Swiss Wealth Management company based in Geneva.

Dedicated to very affluent individuals and families, the company offers best-in-class asset management, wealth planning and multi-family office services on a worldwide basis through :

  • A dedicated in-house team of seasoned and international  professionals,
  • A thorough selection of best-rated custodian banks in key locations,
  • A worldwide network of professional advisor partners in specific fields such as Legal, Taxation, Fiduciary, Charitable vehicles, Financing, Art or Real Estate

Our clients benefit from a sophisticated, high performance investment approach, combining the best of Swiss tradition with the most sophisticated and innovative strategies.

Our independence and open-architecture investment approach allow us to help our clients take decisions in the most beneficial way for them, without influence and with no conflict of interests.

Our flexibility offers the ability to deftly manoeuvre the fast evolving environment of clients needs and changing regulations.

Privacy, excellence, ethics, responsiveness and full transparency towards its clients are the firm’s cardinal values.

1788 Capital handles strategy, risk management, compliance and all front- and back-office operations with full respect to the highest industry standards requirements.

The Company is directly supervised by the FINMA in terms of Anti-money Laundering, and member of the Swiss Association of Independent Financial Advisors (S.A.I.F.A.) for the rules of Professional Ethics. Its Financial auditors are BDO Suisse.